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A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50

I’m not all that big on doing milestones, although I have done one or two in the past, but I thought this particular one deserves a post. I started my list way back in December last year when I wrote a post called Why The List Hater Has His Very Own List. Since that time my list has grown to a whopping 50 members! Yeah, yeah, I know that is a piddling amount and you know I don’t really care because I know that at least my subscribers are a dedicated bunch who have joined because they are interested in what I have to say.

I’ve done a few posts about my list since then including Why I Chose MailChimp Over Aweber which is really a review about MailChimp, one that has brought quite a bit of traffic to this blog. I can safely say that to date I am more than satisfied with their services and I have no intention to change.

Why I Am Happy With List Numbers

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I’ve never really supported having a list, the reasons being that most people abuse their list by continually trying to sell them something. I vowed when starting my list to never do that to my subscribers. I think when looking at my low list numbers you really need to compare the way I promote my list to the way others do it.

List Building Techniques

Their Methods

  • The use of annoying popups!
  • Give away freebies to get them to join. A lot of the time they turn out to be less than useless

My Methods

  • I don’t use these on any of my blogs
  • Nope, don’t do that either although I do reward those you do by giving them some linkluv.

Those are the two main ways that others get people to subscribe to their list and apparently they work quite well but I personally dislike them and so I will not be using them on my readers.

Until recently my numbers were even lower and in fact I was even getting one or two who were unsubscribing which resulted in the post Why People Unsubscribe From Your List! Since them my numbers have been increasing slightly faster but it wasn’t because of that post.

Why More People Are Joining My List

I believe this to be the case because of one slight change and it became possible when I updated to FlexSqueeze 1.5. In Ryan’s latest FlexSqueez update he included even more places where you can install widgets. Two of them included the ability to add widgets above and below the post.

Subscribe to list teaser
Subscribe to list teaser

Rather than using another widget I decided to post a teaser and because of this themes unique abilities I think it came out pretty well. That teaser appears on the home page as well as above every post and it is the main reason why membership to my list is increasing.

[amazon_carousel widget_type=”Bestsellers” width=”460″ height=”200″ title=”Best Sellers” market_place=”US” shuffle_products=”False” show_border=”False” browse_node=”” search_index=”Books” /]


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  1. Congrats Sire!!
    The absense of annoying popups is one of the reasons why I visit your blog regularly
    I must admit that I am not subscribed to your list,but this is not your fault

  2. I’m glad that you hit 50. Although you said that you don’t like popups, i usually prefer light boxes if of course they don’t annoy my readers. Good luck

        1. What sharks are you talking about Mitch?

            1. I didn’t get it Mitch and I didn’t hear about that particular shark attack although I did hear about some bloke who got killed by a great white shark near Perth a couple of days ago.

  3. Hi Sire,

    Congrats on your milestone. You’ve made good progress. In your niche, it is very hard to get people to subscribe because lists have such a bad name. But you’ll find that if your blog is in a niche other than blogging, you’ll have thousands of subscribers by now, with the amount of value you provide.

    For this same reason, I don’t think I’ll ever put up a subscription form on this website I’m linking to. Guess it will be a waste of time.

    I recently started using MC on my non-techy website and so far, I am happy with them and the list is growing :)

    1. Thanks Flo, you do realise though that this blog isn’t really niche related? :wink_ee:

      1. Yea Yea I know you have some Vegas stories and alluring women here and there but if I have to choose a niche for you, it would be blogging cos that’s what this blog is mainly about. That’s what I see anyway :).

        1. I have alluring women :devil_tb:

          Seriously though, if you put it that way I can see your point and I will concede to you only because you are of the fairer sex. :lol_ee:
          Sire recently posted…The Art Of Writing A Paid PostMy Profile

  4. Congrats Sire! It is a great milestone isn’t it? :) I’ve just started a mailing list for my own site and I’ve been thinking of adding a give away but maybe instead of the giveaway I will just create random freebies to give to the list unannounced or something like that.

    And you know I’ve found that putting a notice below my posts in my other blog makes a difference, too. I’ve seen the numbers grow faster in the past couple of months since I’ve done that.

    I still hate popups like you do so I won’t be using that any time soon.

    1. Hey Danielle,

      I’ve never though of putting at the bottom of the post, although I do have a link under the comment box. That’s a pretty good idea and seeing as how this theme supports a widget at the bottom of the post I reckon I will give that a shot. Thanks. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…The Art Of Writing A Paid PostMy Profile

  5. Popups, fleches and ads that get the whole Web page to look like a blinking Christmas tree is the worst I know. I want to read the article in the peace and quiet and I do not want my mail box full every day with a lot of sales promotion at all times. I know I’m a bad customer.

      1. Oops, wrote a little too fast, FLASH is the correct word, and I do not like advertising boxes gliding along the articles when I scroll down the text.

        1. No worries Lennart, Flash makes a lot more sense. :lol_ee:

  6. Twitter:
    Nice going Sire. I think you have the right idea to gain subscribers that actually want to read your content. I plan on building the list I’m working on now same way. I’ll even start deleting subscriptions to those that don’t bother opening the emails. I will use the tools you mentioned, I think I can while staying on target and remain tasteful.

    1. I reckon I may go that route too Brian. I mean what’s the point of joining a list if you’re not even going to open the emails? That makes no sense at all. :doh_tb:

  7. Great choice on your part not to go with popups, I’ve always personally felt they are very annoying myself. I mean whats the point of gaining a few more subscribers if you are going to annoy most of your readers. I prefer a natural growth, I feel its way more powerful the way you are doing it.

    Jean recently posted…The right way to measure your used tires air pressureMy Profile

    1. Hey Jean, that’s exactly why I won’t use them. I figure if I find them annoying then I’m certainly not putting anyone else through the inconvenience.

      As to the natural growth of the method I’m using I reckon you’re right, the quality of subscribers is more likely than not a lot higher.

      1. Thats smart Sire, you have to think that way in my opinion, in the long run it will pay off!


  8. Hi Sire,
    The reason I joined your list was simply because of “value”. As for popups – when I’m sorting the wheat from the chaff they go out with the chaff.

    1. Thanks Danica, and I reckon chucking them out with the chaff is a great idea :wink_ee:

    1. Hey Robin,

      Like I said in the intro form when you signed up, the emails you get will merely inform you when I publish a post so that you will never miss out on a post.

  9. Twitter:
    Congrats on hitting another milestone Sire. I find your way of building list very interesting and different from what most people do. But, reading your post now, it actually makes perfect sense, its best to have a few dedicated subscribers who are actually interested in what you have to say than having thousands who will never even open your emails.
    Satrap recently posted…Make Money with Google Places- Step by Step GuideMy Profile

    1. That’s exactly right Satrap and while it may take awhile to build up at least I know that they joined because they wanted to and not because I coerced them into it.
      Sire recently posted…The Art Of Writing A Paid PostMy Profile

    1. Thanks Arfan. As for the Sexual Aids site, it’s slowly getting there.

  10. I remember my first 50. Yes, you should celebrate. Congratulations.


    1. Thanks Marion :smile1_tb:

  11. That’s really great stuff!

    I remember putting up the mailing list on one of my blogs; it took about 2 months to hit about 300 people but from there I think people started talking to their friends because a year later and it’s now hitting nearly 3,000. Offer something awesome and people are all over it.

    1. That’s really good Murray. What tactics did you use to grow those numbers?

  12. Sometimes I use a giveaway or freebie for people to join my list, but I told them first about the giveaway/prize.

    Some of them joined for the sake of winning it but they stayed afterwards and even became one of my loyal followers :D

    PS: and MailChimp rocks ;) man, I hate those blogs with Aweber annoying pop-ups to join the newsletter..I always clicked that close button right away
    Michael Aulia recently posted…Amazon Kindle 3 giveaway (Wi-Fi + 3G)My Profile

    1. Hey Michael, I didn’t have any freebies that were worth anything and wasn’t going to offer them crap just to get them to join as that would have had a negative effect. I wanted to provide them something unique that as far as I knew no-one else was doing. I know they could subscribe to my feed but then would have gotten lost in all their other feeds and more likely than not they would miss out on a post every now and again.

      By joining my list they would get a short email telling them what the post was about and then they could decide whether or not they would pop in read it in its entirety. So far I have about a 20% click through rate and I’m pretty happy with that.
      Sire recently posted…A Review Of WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

  13. You sound happy with your mail service of choice; personally I have had good experiences with iContact…they have fairly cheap rates for bulk emailing for clients with a few thousand recipients

    1. As long as you’re happy with it Fred, that’s all that matters.

  14. That’s a very smart technique to maintain a list. Its really interesting to study how even amongst bloggers the way they maintain their lists is not the same. I hate popups, its a complete turn off and I don’t like those who try to lure with unbelievable freebies or cheap freebies because everyone is not greedy. Glad you have a different approach, Sire.
    Janis Gagliardi recently posted…Daytona Beach Realtors Offer Advanced Website Features to Home and Condo BuyersMy Profile

    1. Actually most bloggers use the same techniques to build their lists Janis. I chose my method because I didn’t want to use the same methods others were using.

  15. I am still undecided about Mailchimp. All it seems to take is one time for them to disagree with your marketing and you lose your account and your LIST?

    This seem dangerous to me.

    I see the plugin has been loaded over 300,000 times so maybe the danger is extremely low. Still it is there.

    1. Sure is, especially if you do the wrong thing. I’ve read posts where people were complaining that they lost their MailChimp list but each time I noticed that they were the ones in the wrong.

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