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A MailChimp Review, For The Good Affiliate Marketer

As I was doing my normal daily blog hopping I happen to notice that there seemed to be a lot of people promoting Aweber as the best auto-responder on the market. Apart from expounding all its good points they will generally tell you, somewhere in the post, that it must be good because all the big boys use it. This may be true but I’m sure that one of the reasons that a lot of people use it and for promoting the crap out of it is because they’re also an affiliate.

Which is fine as I understand how one tends to get emotional about promoting something that they love to use, heck I do the same when telling people about the FlexSqueeze theme. I do take exception though when while promoting it they have a go at MailChimp. Yeah, I know I did the same thing when I compared FlexSqueeze to Thesis but I never said Thesis was bad in that post, just that it wasn’t as good! :innocent1_tb:

To be quite honest not all the posts actually said MailChimp was bad but some of the comments did allude to that and the biggest contention was the fact that the guys at MailChimp do not like the way some people run their affiliate marketing. It’s true though, if you’re looking for a list to push your affiliate products down people’s throats then MailChimp is not for you because you try it with them and they will kick you out. And so they should too because that type of marketing hurts their name reputation, something that’s very important to them.

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That doesn’t mean that you can’t promote affiliates, just that your campaigns should not focus just around affiliate marketing. Honestly if I joined a list and all I got was campaigns promoting different ways of making money, growing my business or other affiliates then I can assure you I will drop that list like a hot potato.

I swore long ago that I would never have a list but that was only  because I thought the only reason for having one was to use it against my subscribers by pushing crap down their throats. It was only after a lot of thought and soul searching that I found a way in which I could use a list without going against my principals which was when I wrote my post Why The List Hater Has His Very Own List! That then led to my post Why I Chose MailChimp Over Aweber where I talked about why I liked MailChimp so much. In that particular post I described how you could be a MailChimp member and promote affiliates.

I know it seems like I’m rehashing old topics but its necessary because people need to know, especially when you’re just starting up your list and you can’t afford the expense of paying for one such as Aweber. That plus I would love to build a new breed of affiliate marketers, one that cares about their subscribers and would never use them just for the sake of peddling their wares.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the products you get in your inbox from those affiliate marketers never make it to their blog? Now, why is that unless they’re not all that comfortable about actually posting about it, like one I received in my inbox today from a reputable marketer that seemed to be nothing less than a pyramid scheme. So its good enough for their list but not good enough for their blog?

That’s where we can be different as we would only promote affiliates that we absolutely believe in and because we believe in them we’re quite happy to post about them on our blogs. That is what makes MailChimp the perfect auto-responder for us because if you use it, as I do, to tell your subscribers when you’ve written a new post you will be driving traffic to that post, and if that post is an affiliate product you love you will be killing two birds with one post.

So basically all I’m saying is don’t write MailChimp off just because you’ve read somewhere that it doesn’t accept affiliate marketers because the truth is they don’t accept the wrong type of internet marketers, and that’s not us is it?

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  1. I have to admit that I was surprised to see that “Mail Chimp” does not accept affiliate marketers. This is obviously someone trying to make money with “other” autoresponders.

    I’m with you here as I too use MailChimp and I am very satisfied with their service, considering that if you have a small list, the service is free. It has a relatively clean and easy to use interface and its fast. Great for newbies, too :)

    Anyway, If they do not accept the wrong kind of Internet Marketers, that’s great, because I am sure that the right kind not only is under their blessings but equally good for their brand.
    DiTesco recently posted…Why Article Marketing Should Not Be A Part Of Your SEO StrategyMy Profile

    1. All I can say DiTesco is that if I was running their service I wouldn’t want to b e associated with that type of marketers.

  2. Well argued post Peter.
    I’ve thought about using Mailchimp’s free service, but as you say, not as a means of…

    “… pushing crap down their throats.”

    Building a huge list just to spam people is not what most of us are about.

    Enjoyed reading this one.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Surfing the video waveMy Profile

    1. Glad you liked it Keith and if you ever go that route I’m sure MailChimp will suit your needs.

  3. This is very interesting. I am quite new to some areas of internet marketing and there are a lot of comments about almost any service online.
    SO, how do you know if it is good or bad? Is the comment there just to make people choose something else or is it really a service that they suffered from getting?

    I believe that most businesses are good and bad. However, as a new player on the market I don’t want to suffer from choosing the worse business to work with. Therefore it is, by default, the fact that I actually choose to not work with the ones that have a lot of bad comments.

    1. Kalle, whilst many people make their decision by what an article says I prefer to read the comments as the commentators have nothing to gain by their comment whereas the blogger may be pushing an affiliate. As to this post I’m not getting any monetary gain by promoting MailChimp so I reckon you’re getting a fairly unbiased opinion

  4. Exactly, drive traffic back to your site if promoting something, or better yet make a real content driven list and promote products with that list sparingly, and only if relevant and not the sole focus. Build trust, not rocket science here.

    Mailchimp is not down with 200 word emails that are only like: “hey my good friend Jacob just released his 67 ways to attract women for a limited time, I totally recommend it dude!” crap.

    I’m building a year long auto responder right now, linking to posts, linking to products, and making a free giveaway. Of course anyone wants to leverage their list, but it’s about being useful, building trust, and doing good work.

    1. Yes, building trust is very important and for the life of me I can’t see how pushing nothing but affiliates, many of which may well be crap, helps to build trust?
      Sire recently posted…Back From LA With A Tip For BloggersMy Profile

      1. You should not only push affiliates, thats against mail chimps TOS, and it does not work as it won’t build trust. Instead, promote stuff that is relevant to what you are talking about. That is what mail chimp expects anyways. Like if you release a 1500 word email on how to build a blog and at the bottom link to a blogging course that provides real value.

        Now, I’m just talking “if” you want to dive in with affiliate marketing with Mail Chimp. No saying you have to or should, but for many that is the whole point of a list. To develop a deeper relationship and to sometimes sell stuff that does not suck.

        1. That’s exactly what I have been trying to convey in my posts on MC David and I thank you for giving us your version.

  5. Hi Sire,
    I can’t agree with you more. Mailchimp seems to be about responsible marketing with the personal touch. It’s differentiating itself well from Aweber and I think that threatens some of Aweber’s affiliates. I have had Aweber for a few months now and I’m extremely happy with it.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

      1. Hi Sire,
        My mistake! I meant to write that I have MailChimp, NOT Aweber. Geez, what a dick I am! :(

        1. No worries Max, we all make mistakes mate.

  6. Hey,

    I have never heard of Mailchimps before but I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the review!

    All the best,

  7. Thanks for explaining the benefits of MailChimp. I’ve read already several positive reviews of this tool, besides yours, so I think I can believe in its efficiency and give it a try.

  8. I heard first time about mailchimp.But after reading your review I am planning to give a try.Thanks for the review Sire.

  9. I’ve heard a lot of good things about MailChimp, but for some reason i got attached to PHPList. I’ve been using it for some time now and it never let me down. Installing it may prove a problem for some people, but it’s worth it on the long run.
    I’ve also crossed paths with Interspire, but PHPList still takes the lead even only because it’s free.

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for offering my readers another option. I’ve never tried PHPList but I’m sure it may appeal to those who are happy to go through the installation woes of setting it up. I on the other hand like to take the easy road and so I’m sticking with MailChimp.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Know Who Is Really Commenting On Your BlogMy Profile

      1. Wasn’t saying MailChimp is not good, it’s just i’m more of a technical girl and i like to take the hard path when i have free time to learn new things :)

        1. I never said you did.

  10. I agree Sire. MailChimp is an easy to use tool that actually takes a responsible approach to e-mail marketing. Some (spammers) may find it too limiting but I like it alot.

    I’m glad you pointed it out a while back.

  11. Hey Sire, I have heard about MC and checked it out. It seems to be quite a reasonable offer (free) for small lists – can’t beat that.

    I use aweber and icontact for mine and my client’s lists and have found them both to be reasonably priced services for the purposes I use them. It comes down to what you need the service for and what is offered for a given price.

    Now that I have set up autoresponders in both AW and IC I have to say that although they are priced about the same, they do appeal to different markets. I am becoming more impressed with IC each time I use it.

    AW does have a lot of bells and whistles for configuring sign-up forms. IC has none but with some CSS and HTML you can make the forms suit pretty much any site.

    IC is more lenient with importing existing lists while AW will go through everything with a fine-tooth comb and reject a whole list import even if one or two entries look suspicious. They will not listen to reason (AW) and ended up cancelling one of my clients accounts without warning while she was in the middle of a email recruitment drive.

    It almost drove me to move all my business from AW to IC until I realised that it is nothing personal as they, like MailChimp, are very protective of their reputation and apparently can afford to pick and choose their customers. I found them somewhat arrogant (AW I mean) when dealing with their support people as they would not believe the history of the list.

    Anyway, enough about these other two services. What I wanted to say was that although I promote both as an affiliate I also can say that I use both actively and recommend the appropriate one for each different client.

    I might just have to give MC a trial run for my next client/project so that I can compare all three.


    1. Hey Michael, I’ve never heard of IContact so thanks for bringing another auto-responder to my reader’s attention. Who knows you may get a client with a small list who doesn’t have a large budget and MC may be just what they need.

      As to Aweber rejecting that list that surprises me considering some of the emails I’ve been getting from Aweber clients. I wonder if they take notice of all the people who unsubscribe?

  12. All I’ve heard are bad things about MailChimp, so this was definitely a first. Actually it makes a lot of sense now that you’ve cleared up exactly why they get such a bad rap. I’m definitely going to try them out, aweber’s just too expensive now.

    1. I can believe there are some bad reviews out there but I can’t believe all of them are bad.

    2. I am by no means an expert, but I’ve heard a LOT of positive murmurs about MailChimp. I haven’t used it myself, but I have a few clients that use it, and I have heard nothing but good things.

  13. I’ve used Mialchimp on my blogs a couple of times and was quite satisfied with it. The good thing is that first of all, its free to use upto 2000 members or something, and the second is that it has great functionality too. You can create different lists, segregate them and so on.

  14. I use getresponse. What do you think about them?

    I was going to go with aweber, but after seen the reviews which one was better it came even. But I’m not sure if I went to correct route because I’ve rarely seen anyone promoting them. Makes me wonder why?
    Gustavo recently posted…Import and Export Firefox Passwords EasilyMy Profile

  15. I have tried mailchimp before seeing this post, what I think about them is-they don’t have good or easy interface to understand. Ofcouse they have a lot of resources help guide we can go through with that, the thing we/people don’t have much time to understand how to use it! I have sign-up for free a/c and left without using them because of interface. It must be easy to understand. I tried icontact free its interface is simple and anyone can use it without spending time to learn.

    1. That’s weird, because I’m not a tech sort of guy at all and I found it extremely easy to use.

  16. Thanks for the tips on the review of mailchimp. I’m starting a newsletter and did not know whether to go with MC or Aweber. I am not really going to be doing affiliate marketing via email for right now so I’m guessing mailchimp is the way to go.
    Al Spaulding recently posted…Cut The Negative Bullshit Out Of Your Life And Keep It MovingMy Profile

    1. Hey Al, I’m sure you will be happy with the decision.

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