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Show Me A Blogger Who Loves What He Does And I Will Show You A Happy Blogger

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I’ve been on this Earth for nigh on 50 years and if there is one thing that I have learned it’s that people who love what they do generally do it well. There would be many examples of this in life from the checkout operator to the blogger. Those people who provide the best service generally do so because they love what they do and they aim to please, and in doing so get pleasure themselves.

Imagine all those times when you have approached someone behind a counter who sported the glummest of expressions, who  couldn’t even bring themselves to respond to a cheery hello. That is a typical example of someone who dislikes their job and doesn’t want to be there, let alone to be bothered by someone who has the audacity to interrupt their day just because they want to purchase something.

Well blogging can be a little like that and I reckon that those bloggers who do well are the ones who love to blog. If you find that blogging is getting to be too much of a chore and you dread the time when you have to come up with another post, then you simply will not come up with your best posts. This could be especially true for niche blogs, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had one.

For me blogging is more than a way to make a little extra cash. It’s become my favourite pass-time and a form of relaxation. The reason for this is because I try to make blogging a ‘fun’ experience. This wasn’t always so, it is something that I have developed with my newest blogs. These are some of the things that I introduce every now and again into my posts to create a little fun.

  1. The Dummy Post: I did a post called Penile Extensions Now Available Via The Penis Extender Deluxe on my Load Of BS blog which I hopefully structured into a type of ad promising people the perfect solution for a bigger, harder penis. The link takes them to a page that tells them they were duped and asking them to take a poll. So far 49 hits and 12 people have voted. it might be my weird sense of humor but I found it funny, especially some of the search terms that people used to get there.
  2. Satire: It’s Bullshit The Way Women Treat Men was another of my ‘having fun posts’ which actually got quite a few comments. There is so much that you can do with this topic, it’s bound to provide a lot of enjoyment
  3. Jokes: All my blogs have a joke category that I used to post anything that I find remotely funny. Tim, a great photographer, has made use of some pretty good jokes just to break things up a bit I almost fell off the chair because of his latest ‘joke’ post.
  4. Share Something: This can be anything from something personal that brings you joy, the birth of a child perhaps, to sharing a favorite hobby such as some of those photos that you thought turned out pretty damn well. I’ve reckon that Kristi from Kikolani enjoys her blog immensely and she has some beautiful poetry and lovely photos mixed in with her posts.

Hopefully by incorporating some of these, or your own ideas, you may be able to breathe new life into your blogging world. Blogging should be more than just a job, it should be fun.

So, are you having fun blogging? If you are, what are you doing that makes it more enjoyable? If you think the whole idea sucks, heck I’d be interested to hear from you as well.


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  1. This is very true. If you really love what you do, it will come through. Especially in blogs, you can almost feel the passion in someone’s writing. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and sharing my thoughts with others, and I would rather not post at all than write something lackluster just to get something in. :)

    Kristis last blog post..Rainfall

    1. That is so true Kristi. I would say that even a dedicated reader can get turned off when bloggers post too many poorly worded posts in order to keep to their perceived schedule.

      I suppose you could use as an analogy a store who provides consistently bad service and then complains about the lack of customers.

  2. Twitter:
    I actually do have a lot of fun blogging, but it can also be challenging. One tries to be informative and entertaining at the same time, and we hope it drives traffic because all of us want people to read what we’ve written. At least, it would seem, folks like you and I have lots to talk about.

    Mitchs last blog post..Why My Scam Meter Goes Up

  3. If your not enjoying blogging you should give it up in my opinion. Its just the same as anything you do in life. If you are not happy with it.. then why bother doing it? Find something you do enjoy.

    I personally like blogging and doing other projects online for the simple fact that people visit my sites. I enjoy going to my regular job knowing that right at that moment someone is viewing one of my sites.. reading something I wrote.. or looking at my picture.

    It can make a bad day at work a good day.

    Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Decreasing Your Bounce Rate

  4. That is exactly right. And yet you see all these sourpusses who go to work providing shitty service and ruining everyone elses day. I always point them out to my kids and tell them how wrong it is. Even if you are doing a job you hate you still put in 100% until something better comes along. It shows others the caliber of person you truly are.

    1. Agreed. I have worked numerous shitty jobs.. but each and everyday I put a smile on my face and my best effort forward.

      Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Decreasing Your Bounce Rate

      1. I know, it’s so obvious that one wonders how others don’t see it. Sometimes just being able to smile makes the day a lot easier to bear.

  5. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a shitty job – it’s easy to hate the world and to be mad at everyone.
    Only few can manage to find something inspiring even when everything seems lost.
    Crying is easy – enjoying life is even easier ;)

  6. That is true Gigi, the thing to remember is that we all have shitty days, the problem is to rise above it and get on with life.

  7. sweet! #3, little ol me? Thanks!

    I’ll have to give #1 a try…but seriously where is the hard johnson info??

    timsdds last blog post..More HDR (High Dynamic Range) Sunsets II

  8. Now Tim, don’t you go giving me a hard time mate, it wasn’t in any order of preference. Pardon me for asking, what is ‘hard johnson info?’

    1. no! I didn’t mean to imply an OoP (order of preference), not in the least; I was being serious about ebing thankful and such.

      hard johnson info…ie #1 – the dummy post…information as to enhance one’s wang aka johnson aka ones manhood!

      timsdds last blog post..World’s Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake Recipe

      1. :lol_tb: Mate, I know that, I was just pulling your leg.

        As for the hard johnson info (thanks for the explanation) didn’t I provide a link to that?

        1. son of a!
          I always fall for the leg pull…which is ironic as I have been known to pull a leg or nine in my day!

          timsdds last blog post..Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of zero image views, I will fear no clicks

          1. Leg pulling is a specialty of mine…just ask the wife…

  9. You are so right! I have been reading tons of blogs lately, and I can tell when the writer really loves what they are blogging about. The passion shows in the writing, and even the style and design of the blog.

    The blogs that are not well written, seem thrown together, or just nothing but cut and paste of other’s works, are usually someone who doesn’t really care about the blog or in fact blogging but is doing it because they feel they will get Rich quick..

    I have found a ton of dead blogs too, no posts in months or even years!


    I love your blog, haven’t been here in a while. Been too busy! I like the new short stories section… The immortal story looks as if it is gonna be very interesting.

  10. Thanks K.Fields for expressing your opinion, and I like you have also found several ‘dead’ blogs. It amazes me that these people think that such blogs can possibly produce an income.

    As for the short stories, wouldn’t you believe it the moment I come up with the brainwave all hell breaks loose and I am suddenly struggling for time. But don’t worry I will add to is first chance I get.

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