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9 Politicians Who Give to Charity

9 Politicians Who Give to Charity

Despite the prevalence of “stingy government” jokes in the media, the truth is that many politicians are frequent contributors to charity. From anti-poverty foundations to refugee assistance, here are nine politicians and the charities they help.

1. Al Gore

Al Gore is known for speaking out about global warming, but were you aware that he also puts his money where his mouth is? When he won the Nobel Prize for his climate change awareness efforts in 2007, he donated all $800,000 of the reward to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

2. Barack Obama

The POTUS has used his platform to help a wide variety of causes. According to his tax returns, he gives anywhere from 10-20 percent of his annual income to charitable organizations every year. These range from the Fisher House Foundation to the United Negro College Fund.

3. Eliot Spitzer

Most of Mr. Spitzer’s giving goes to Children for Children, a child-focused volunteer organization founded by his wife. However, he also gives to the Columbia County Land Conservancy in New York and the nationwide Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, spreading his wealth to all four corners of the country.

4. Mike Crapo

Crapo has spent a lifetime giving to the little guys. His social media networks are filled with pictures of his team at homeless shelters, animal shelters and Boy Scout events, and he’s outspoken about his efforts to bring change in companies and communities. He credits his faith with his dedication to charitable giving.

5. Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has lent her name to many causes and charities, but her biggest contributions are actually to her home state of Alaska. According to Mrs. Palin’s tax returns, she gives thousands of dollars in clothing and household items to the Salvation Army in Wasilla, Alaska.

6. Dick Cheney

Mr. Cheney understands the importance of sharing his salary. Donating millions to charitable causes, he’s supported everything from international relief agencies to hometown homeless support. One of his favorite charities is the Red Cross, but he also gives freely to Martha’s Table.

7. David Paterson

Mr. Paterson was publicly shamed in 2008 when it was revealed that he and his wife gave little to charity. However, he’s turned himself around since then, donating thousands of dollars to battered women’s shelters and domestic violence advocacy groups. He’s also contributed to the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

8. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton passes the “tithe” test with flying colors thanks to her generous giving. In 2014, she donated 11 percent of her total annual income to charity; in 2013, it was 13 percent. These numbers represent millions of dollars to good causes across multiple years.

9. Joe Biden

While not the most generous with international giving, Joe Biden’s tax returns show that he has a strong connection to the Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Delaware. He’s donated thousands to the hospital throughout his career, showing a real concern for the health and wellness of the people of his home state.

These are just a few politicians who are known for opening their wallets and sharing their wealth. Regardless of their platforms and political parties, they all recognize the need to help the less fortunate, and it’s a lesson that they hope to pass on to constituents of every type.

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  1. We will be wonder to see how Donald Trump give fund to charity. However, good name list I like it. Specially now feeling about barack obama.

    1. Twitter:
      It will be interesting to see how that works out, especially considering Trump has way more money than most of the other politicians.

  2. There is one more politician who does that. Indian Prime Minister Modi. He recently donated Rs. 21 lakhs for a women programme. This was a big share of his earning.

  3. Twitter:
    I do not think that Al Gore is a politician and no matter how much these guys give charity there will always be poor people.

  4. It’s wonderful if they give out some portion of their money to poor. God bless them and give them more so they can spend more on poor and give them all the rights they deserve.

    Nice Article though.


  5. Are there still people out there who think that politicians do charity to bring some relief and happiness to their communities? It’s to their benefit to do so, as they build their campains around it and gain votes.
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  6. every 3 second one people died in the world due to hunger. If rich people think about that issue and takes proper steps i hope this situation will be changed.

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