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747 Rudd Rage Reduces Flight Attendant To Tears

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a man of some note was on a plane heading back to Canberra. Feeling a little peckish he inquired of the young female attendant whether he could have his  special meal on the ‘VIP’ flight. Unfortunately for the young woman the meal he requested was unavailable, and upon letting him know the man completely lost it. In front of the other passengers he began to verbally abuse the woman, so much so that it finally reduced the poor girl to tears.

If this happened at work it could be grounds for dismissal. No matter how you look at it, the actions of the abusive man is intolerable. You certainly would not expect a well brought up person to react in such a fashion and yet this is exactly what Kevin Rudd did. Yep, I kid you not, the rude and abusive person was none other than our esteemed Prime Minister Kevin 747 Rudd. Apparently it wasn’t even the first time he’s reacted this way.

Personally I would expect the Prime Minister, or the leader of any country for that matter, to act as a exemplary role model for the country he is representing. When asked at the G20 Summit about his actions Rudd replied that he was only human and like everyone else can make a mistake. Is he for real? It’s not like he forgot to say please or something. He abused another human being just because she was not able to satisfy his culinary needs, especially when it was out of her control.

All I can say Rudd is that sorry does not cut it. It appears that just like some others in the Labor Party, referring to Labor MP Belinda Neal and the fiasco at the Iguanas Waterfront Restaurant, Rudd should think about an anger management course. He puts on a nice front when he is in the public eye but it seems that there is a completely different side to Rudd when the cameras are not rolling.

OK, I’ve had my rant and now I want to get some feedback from you, my readers. Do you think that Rudd has the right to blow up at the average person just because he is PM? And what of his lame apology saying that no-one is perfect. This isn’t the sort of mistake anyone with common sense would make, and then to say he was sorry only after he was caught out, and after his ministers tried to cover it up.

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  1. Dont blame me I voted for Pauline Hanson. :)

    GregR´s Last blog post..Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop Honored

  2. Now that is so funny Greg, thanks for adding a bit of humor mate. :lol_tb:

    1. I sense some sarcasm here.

      (for those who don’t know Kiwis can’t vote in Aussie elections)

      GregR´s Last blog post..Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop Honored

      1. Sarcasm, me? :innocent1_tb:

  3. I think it’s awful when customers go off on customer service people. I mean, unless the person did something completely awful, like spit in my food right in front of me, I can’t imagine just yelling at a complete stranger. I have had the rude waiter now and again, and I still leave them a tip, just not a fantastic one, as I usually tip over the average percent. Not a good example for someone in his position either.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, PageRank Updates

  4. It certainly isn’t a good example Kristi, and I feel sorry for that poor girl who had to suffer his abuse, especially considering she was only doing her job and the fact that whatever he wanted was not on the menu was not her fault in the first place.

  5. Hi Stratos, there was always something about Rudd that didn’t appeal to me, and now I know why. Apparently he treats a lot of people in this fashion and has a higher than normal turnaround of people working for him. Even his butler has decided he’s had enough and is giving him the flick.

  6. Any attention of abusing any air hostesses along the way Brandon? As for Fosters, it’s certainly not my beer of choice, I much prefer Crown Lager which is part of the Fosters Group.

  7. Well that is inexcusable for any person especially the prime minister. And when he said he was just a human and asked “can’t i make a mistake?”… “NO! YOU CANT!” that should be the answer because a) you are not just anybody and b) she is a human as well and has her rights (ones he should be fighting for). Anyway enough with my blubber :P

    stratosg´s Last blog post..Code efficiency and Javascript in WordPress

  8. Sire,
    I’m flying out to see you soon and am going to buy you that cold Fosters (is that really your beer of choice, or just a marketing ploy here in the US?)

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Energy Drink Business

  9. Inexcusable, no matter what his level of social importance was. I do hope the poor girl was able to keep her job.

    Heidi´s Last blog post..Mario Batali‚Äôs Ricotta Frittata Recipe

    1. I think that she regained her composure and continued on with her work.No reason why she should lose her job as it certainly wasn’t her fault he’s an ass.

    1. Hey Lizz, I’m not sure that you can say they actually hate him as that would be too strong a word. Also I don’t thing his bullying is directed at women alone as there are reports that many in his employ have left because of the way they have been treated.

      Thanks for your comment, and I found some of the stuff on Schapelle.Net very interesting. I’ve always thought her innocent, but I am not so sure about her other family members.

  10. No one has the right to blow up like he did! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for living.

    1. You are so right Clara

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