Having Fun With Luminar 4

Today’s post, having fun with Luminar 4, is not an update of my Luminar 4 Update post. It’s more to show you guys just a little of what Luminar 4 can do. I also produced a video to show people that having fun with Luminar 4 is possible, Being Creative With Luminar 4.

Me Having Fun With Luminar 4

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Busybody Joke

I reckon just about everybody would disapprove of your everyday busybody. The thing is, what do you do with an annoying busybody. The following busybody joke is a pretty good example of how to take care of your neighbourhood busybody.

Mildred A Busybody Joke

Mildred, the church busybody, self-appointed monitor of the church’s morals, kept sticking her nose in everybody else’s business. Although members of the congregation disapproved of her extra-curricular affairs, they didn’t know what to do about it. They were also afraid to say anything to her or to interfere.

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How To Remove Objects From Photos

Today’s post is about how to remove objects from photos. In a previous post, I showed how I used Inpixio for removing backgrounds from images. Once you’ve removed the background you’re left with a picture with a transparent background which I’ve found to be extremely useful. I use these images in my videos as well as when creating my YouTube thumbnails using the Creator.

You can see how easily I’ve removed a cluttered background in my Removing background with InPixio Photo Clip video.

One of the comments on that video was from a guy who wanted to see how to remove objects from photos and how well Inpixio handled the task. Always ready to please my viewers I produced How To Remove People From Photos video.

How To Remove Objects From Photos Tutorial

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Sire’s Scary Halloween Poem

Firstly, why Sire’s Scary Halloween Poem. Well, back in the day, when I first started this blog, I went by the name Sire. When my database got corrupted, as described in this post, I lost all my posts. As I slowly resurrect them I keep the titles and slug for SEO purposes.

Even though I’m not a Halloween fan, I know there are a lot of Halloween fans out there. A while back, I wrote a post called A Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights. As it turns out, that particular post brings in quite a bit of traffic every year around Halloween. Now I wonder why that is? 😛 That specific poem had a twist to it, and because it was so long ago I thought it was only fitting that I should post another Halloween Poem!

Sire’s Scary Halloween Poem

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WP-Database Backup Importance

To all my WassupBlog fans, I am sorry to report that due to a major disaster last week I have been forced to do a fresh install of this blog. Take note that WP-database backup importance. Yeah, yeah I know that’s not the best grammar I could use for that sentence but I had to word it that way to conform with my keywords.

A bloggers worst nightmare is that something could crash his/her blog causing them to lose all that hard work they’ve put into it. That’s what happened to me.

Importance Of A WP-Database Backup

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