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11-Inch MacBook Air Review

I am writing this post on my brand spanking new 11-inch MacBook Air. I’m not the sort of person who just goes out and buys things either, I have to have a need for it. Ever since selling the business last week I’ve been working around the house fitting in a bit of blogging when I could squeeze it in. I’ve also been buying and selling shares to earn a bit of income but this has kept me tied to the computer so I needed something portable that wasn’t too big that I could have used my iTouch but that’s a bit small and flash won’t work on it so I wouldn’t be able to check the interactive charts.

I was thought about buying the iPad as I’ve played around with a mates but decided against it as I wasn’t comfortable with the touch screen keyboard. While looking around JB Hi-Fi I saw the MacBook Air and it looked like it would do the trick. The price for the 64GB version was $1199, decided against the 128GB one because I thought an extra $300 was a bit much for the extra memory, especially when you consider the price of memory chips these days. I know I probably could have got the Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop
cheaper on Amazon, but like I said, I didn’t want to wait, I wanted it now!

Parra Wallpaper

I didn’t go online because I wanted it now so I went down to David Jones, one of our major department stores, where I knew I would get 10% discount as my son worked there. I paid my $1080 dollars and rushed on home. Now for the review.

I Love It! Now that’s something coming from a bloke who’s always used a PC. The fact that I’ve only just unpacked it and played around with it for an hour or so just goes to show how easy it is to use. There was no problem configuring it for my homes Wi-Fi, all I had to do was input the password. Once I got that working I drove down to McDonald’s to see if it would pick up their Wi-Fi. While I was in line waiting to order my burgers I opened it up and I saw a little box asking if I wanted to connect to Macca’s Wi-Fi to which I said yes and there was an instant connection. How cool is that? That solves that problem.

The trouble is there aren’t all that many places around here that offer free Wi-Fi so I bought a mobile wireless broadband package. Once again setting it up was easy and I can now connect to the Internet and do my trades even when I am out of the house. I have to admit that having everything go right without any hiccups is not something that I am used to so I’m sure that is one of the reason why I love my new toy.

Sure there are some things that I have to get used to, like finding out that opening a new tab in Safari meant using the Command + T shortcut keys and opening a new page is as simple as Command + N, so a two key shortcut is pretty good in my book.

Another thing I like about the Mac is purely cosmetics and may be personal preference. What I’m talking about is the way pages open and minimize. Instead of just disappearing like they do in XP they sort of fold up collapsing into the menu bar along the bottom and pop up the same way. Sort of like a genie popping in and out of it’s magic lamp.

There is so much more new things that I haven’t sussed out yet and maybe I should read the manual, but then that may ruin my sense of discovery. One thing to keep in mind is I would not recommend this as your main computer, it just does not have the power for it. But if you want something that is light, compact and easy to use you won’t go wrong with the MacBook Air. Hell I can now take it with me anywhere with the knowledge that not only can I follow the shares on the stock market, I can even whip up a post no matter where I am.

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  1. Twitter:
    Congrats on the new MacBook! I hope the freedom to take it with you finds you checking things out in all sorts of new places. Have fun with it. :)

  2. Thanks for the great review, Sire – and CONGRATULATIONS!
    Every time one of my PC’s crashes I say I’m going to junk it and Microsoft and go to the Mac. Folks I know who own them swear that they are very reliable. But; old dogs, new tricks, all my software is Windows… I’m still plugging away on windows PCs. But one of these days… :-)

    1. I still have the PC, running XP, and it can be as slow us sometimes. This baby has a flash drive so every loads really quickly. Once that dies I’ll seriously think about getting a full on Mac.
      Sire recently posted…10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart BloggerMy Profile

  3. Congratz on the purchase! the iPad is well in my humble opinion a awesome game toy. When they said they were bringing mobile gaming to a new level they weren’t kidding.

    Also congratz on the business sale (was this an online or offline venture?) and expecting more posts from you now!

    1. Yeah, I wanted something more than just a games machine otherwise I would have gone for the iPad. As for getting extra posts done, that won’t happen for a while as I have to catch up on a lot of things around the home.
      Sire recently posted…Of Links Lists And Other Blogging MattersMy Profile

  4. Hey Sire, I have a young MacBook 13′, I bought it like 2 years ago, at the time I went for the 2.2GB intel duo and I did the 4gb upgrade myself.

    To be honest is faster than my PC lol (both have the same processor and same amount of memory) but then again I abuse my PC a lot.

    I only use the mac for portability and some blackhat things which I won’t mention here lol

    Anyway, congratulations on your Mac, you won’t regret it!

    PS. I think you meant hard disk space by this “64GB version was $1199, decided against the 128GB” :-)

    1. Geez,

      I meant by this “decided against the 128GB one because I thought an extra $300 was a bit much for the extra memory”

      haha my bad,

      talk soon Sire!

      1. Hey Sire, I just saw the 64GB flash-memory as an option in place of the hard drive spec for the MacBook Air.

        I guess I got a bit confused when I saw that memory chips were cheaper these days lol

        Anyway how’s that MacOS going?

        I know a lot of people who claim it’s super easy to use, to me it wasn’t that easy honestly.

        I felt really weird having to use the mouse for moving around as I happen to be faster by using keyboard shorcuts for everything.

        Then I couldn’t understood why hitting “Enter” when your focus is on a folder, the action would be to rename the folder? lol it is still weird to me.

        Please tell me about your experience with the Mac OS later, I’m interested to see if I’m the problem lol

        1. I’ve still to play with MacOS Sergio, but I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

          What I would like to know is where a link is taking me when I hover the pointer over it. FireFox would always show me the destination but I haven’t been able to work out how Safari does it.
          Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

          1. That’s an easy one, just go to menu “View” then click on “Show status bar” and that’s it! ;-)

  5. Nice review Sire. I have always wanted a MacBook and from what I read here the MacBook Air is a great choice. I think $1080 dollars is a pretty fair price, hopefully I can get a 10% discount too.

    I also agree with your last point that reading the manual will ruin the discovery. Thanks for sharing, I plan to get one soon.

  6. I like the part about not reading the manual because it might ruin your sense of discovery…. I’ve been there so many times. I just bought an iMac. They are incredible machines and well worth the investment if you spend a lot of time on the computer. Just the easy of use and NO CRASHING is worth the extra money to me!

    Thanks for the review.
    Gregg Zban recently posted…Do You Need More Protection For Your Google AccountMy Profile

    1. Hey Gregg, thanks for stopping by mate. Naturally I’m a brand new user and as such I’m still learning all that it has to offer. :grin1_ee: I’m smiling right now because I noticed it was automatically correcting my spelling as I’m typing, something I found just awhile ago. Something my PC never did.
      Sire recently posted…My Experience With Real Writing JobsMy Profile

      1. Doesn’t that just rock! I will never go back to a PC again. People told me how far advance the MAC was but I never wanted to spend the money. I have had a lot of different computers and I now tell everyone… Get a frigid MAC! Well, well worth the money!
        Gregg Zban recently posted…Do You Need More Protection For Your Google AccountMy Profile

        1. It’s not like it’s that more expensive than a PC anyway. I’m still not sure which way I would go if I had to buy a new computer, but I reckon if I could be assured the Mac would run certain programs that I find essential I would probably switch.
          Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

  7. Apple products are all always nice. It seems founder Steve Jobs is struggling with his cancer. we all have to thankful for his innovative and creative approach towards next generation IT products. Mac Book Air is one of those.

    1. I’ve always known Apple to have exceptional graphics but it looks like it’s caught up with all the rest of the computer bits and pieces.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Earn Money WritingMy Profile

  8. I’ve only use a mac for video editing in college, but they are very slick and the free software that comes with them “iMovie” is a great program that is worth having a look at. It looks very lightweight and slender in comparison to a bulky pc notebook very nice buy : )
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

    1. The slim light weight features was a selling point for me, that’s for sure. So far I’ve only used it for blogging and surfing the net. I have noticed that certain things don’t show up displaying ‘missing plugin’ instead. Most probably need to install a plugin in the browser.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Earn Money WritingMy Profile

  9. Wow! 11-inch Macbook… Really good thing for your entertainment. Technology really improving and so as we’re receiving new instruments for entertainment. Great review..

    1. Sell the parts! Or better yet, buy a hard case for the hard disk and there you go, instant portable hard disk! (assuming you previously saved your work of course)

    2. Sounds like you may have a Bam Bam of The Flintstones on your hands Tanya.

      Sergio has some good points for you as far as the remains are concerned, thanks for that mate.
      Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  10. So you are saying that your Mac is better than a PC? Or just that you like it?

  11. Sounds like a good buy Sire.
    You’ve sold the business, does that mean that you are a man of leisure?

    I’m sure that you are still pretty busy.
    And don’t forget, if you run out of things to do… read that manual. LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted…Oscar Speeches and the 3 G’sMy Profile

    1. A lot of maintenance to do around the home Allan, about 22 years worth. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      I actually did look at the manual, hardly anything in there. I suppose it’s because it’s all pretty standard stuff, plus I have come across some tutorials on the unit itself.
      Sire recently posted…What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For MoneyMy Profile

  12. Hello Sire,

    Congrats on your new acquisition, but I think that everyone has it’s favorites. Although I owned a Mac, I wouldn’t use it over a PC.

    Mainly because I am like the way PC are customizable and I can upgrade the hardware anytime I want without sending my laptop over 1000 km away. I can install a lot of apps that do exactly what Macs can do and can do it even better.

    Also, mac’s are notorious for their lack of software and although, a mac may not crash so easy (actually my windows didn’t crash once and I have it installed for 2 years or so, I also have Linux installed and again no crash).

    I guess that everyone have their own tastes and I really like PCs although mac design is much cooler :).
    Alex recently posted…Salonul de manichiuraMy Profile

    1. I’ve never had to upgrade my computers because I always make sure they have more power than I require. My PC is a few years old and still running XP. Rather than upgrading it when the time comes I reckon I’ll just buy a new one and get the latest technology.

      I don’t know about the software side of it, although my Mac friend who are graphically inclined swear by it. I’ve also heard there is a way to run Microsoft software on a Mac and apparently it does it quite well.
      Sire recently posted…Of Links Lists And Other Blogging MattersMy Profile

  13. Congratulations Sire,

    I totally love the Macbook Air 11″, I know a sexy computer is not what we should desire, yet I always liked to get computers that look nice.
    I have an ipad and it is pretty cool to read news while eating and handy to pick up wi-fi while at my Moms or off selling mobile marketing in downtown where they have wi-fi.

    My plan is to sell the ipad and get the macbook air to replace it. I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to computers and have too many. I just don’t have one as tiny as the MacBook Air that is fully functional with a keyboard.

    It is also cool that you have so many blogs. I want to go check out the photography one. I’m also thinking of setting up a photography blog to show off my pictures on my own site instead of just posting them on Flickr or Facebook. I prefer to own the site with all my content.
    Clay Franklin recently posted…iZigg Mobile Media 90210 – National Expansion – Sell Text MarketingMy Profile

    1. The photography blog is a great idea and as long as you supply a commentary with the each photo you will do better in the SERPS than if you didn’t.

      I’ve never thought about it but I reckon you’re right, the MacBook Air is sexy.
      Sire recently posted…Of Links Lists And Other Blogging MattersMy Profile

    1. Like I said in the post, the MacBook Air isn’t meant to replace your main computer as it just doesn’t have the power. As a a second computer that is versatile, portable and easy to use, it is the best.
      Sire recently posted…Of Links Lists And Other Blogging MattersMy Profile

  14. That’s a great looking laptop, and you made the right choice about not getting an ipad, I don’t think the ipad even has flash support. I’d love to get a macbook purely for the design. I don’t have the money at the moment though, plus I don’t consider it much better than PCs in terms of functionality.

    1. I think it all depends what you want it to do. The Mac supposedly beats the crap out of the PC as far as working on graphics is concerned, which is probably why so many graphic designers use it.

      For me I wanted something small that I could take anywhere and the MacBook Air fit the bill.
      Sire recently posted…My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About ItMy Profile

  15. Congrats, on your Mac Book. We bought one for our daughter for school. She needed to run photoshop CS5 and other design programs. She really loves it and is always mentioning that i need to get one for myself.

    1. I would say you probably got her the laptop version, I doubt that mine could run anything like PhotoShop, if anything that one program alone would use up most of my memory.
      Sire recently posted…My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About ItMy Profile

  16. I absolutely love the MacBook Air line. It is so compact and minimal it does not even seem like your using a laptop. While I was in a premier Sydney recording studio I got to use the MacBook Air as a sort of portable mixer and absolutely loved the experience. Thank you for the review, I may have been inspired to buy my very own!



  17. That’s the one thing I’ve always admired about the macbooks, they look super slick. And the actual OS is really clean as well. I’ve used windows forever now but I’d love to get a macbook pro. Even if you’re all about windows computers you can’t deny the awesome form factor of apple’s laptops and how tidy they keep everything.

  18. Nice looking netbook, although for my personal taste the screen is a little too small for what I would use it for.

    If you are going to use it moderately-highly, then you did the right choice on getting the MacBook over the iPad. In my opinion the iPad is more like a really big iPod touch.
    Gustavo recently posted…How to Improve Our Wi-Fi ConnectionMy Profile

    1. That’s exactly why I didn’t get it when it first came out, I already have the iPod Touch, but I was thinking of upgrading as I needed something bigger. Then I saw the MacBook Air and I knew that was what I had to get.

  19. A great review with some nice ‘real life’ pictures. Reading about the latest MacBook Air I’m surprised that the 11-inch model doesn’t have an SD card slot but I suppose space is at a premium on such a compact machine. I would have been disappointed as an SD card user to find out this after purchase! I suppose a USB card reader isn’t too much of a pain to carry around, although the less stuff you have to take on the road the better.

    On another note, does anyone know if the RAM n the MacBook Air is user upgradeable? I know it wasn’t in the original due to it being soldered onto the motherboard and I’m not sure if this is still the case.
    Chris Jones recently posted…Free Pink MacBook AirMy Profile

    1. Apparently, as this link shows, it can be done but it isn’t something I would try.

      As to the MacBook Air, the more that I use it the more I love it. Most of my blogging is now done on it and I even use it to upload photos to Flickr as it has a built in app that connects directly to flickr.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging Playing Second Fiddle To Home MaintenanceMy Profile

  20. Thanks for the link. On reading that and looking at the teardowns I think upgrading the MacBook Air’s RAM is not a good idea! For the extra cost (at least RAM is cheap at the moment) it is best to get the upgrade from Apple as it’s not worth potentially breaking your shiney new MacBook.
    Chris Jones recently posted…Free iPad 2 CanadaMy Profile

  21. I always feel like apple’s products are over priced and overrated. It is true that if you have a mac with the same specs as a laptop or pc, the mac will be faster…but you are paying much more for those same specs. If you spend the same amount of money on a laptop or pc then you can get a much faster machine for your money than the mac.
    The pc or laptop just need a little more taking care off to keep it working smoothly. But then again, most apple products fall apart after 2 years, whereas a little more bulky hp will probably survive a nuclear attack (don’t want to find out).

    But when it comes to the macbook air…. so thin and sexy, nothing can beat that!
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. You had mw Danny right up to the time you said most Apple products fall apart after two years. I know people who have had them way longer than that and with absolutely no complaints. If that was really true Apple products wouldn’t be so popular.

  22. Twitter:
    I like the part about not reading the manual because it might ruin your sense of discovery…. I’ve been there so many times. I just bought an iMac. They are incredible machines and well worth the investment if you spend a lot of time on the computer. Just the easy of use and NO CRASHING is worth the extra money to me!Thanks for the

    1. All I can say John is that when my PC finally dies I’m getting a Mac. :wink:

  23. You totally made a great purchase dude. I kind of agree with you. If you are a type of person who wants to be productive, then Macbook is all the way to go, given that typing on touch screen device is a bit difficult. But if you want to get a tablet as your productive machine, especially blogging, then you can get Surface or some other Windows 8 tablets as they all have been equipped with separate keyboard dock, which is nice for typing.
    Brian Johnson recently posted…What is Bioshock Infinite Good Ending?My Profile

    1. Hey Brian, that may be true but they’re not Macs and since buying the MacBook Air I am now a Mac convert :wink:
      Sire recently posted…WassupBlog Too Sexy For GoogleMy Profile

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